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Customer Retention

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Learn how to minimize the impact of the poor economy on your business.

During discussions with many of our clients it became apparent that they weren't feeling the severe ill effects of the economic downturn. This was encouraging - thinking maybe things weren't as bad as the media was reporting. Upon further reflection we reached a different conclusion. Our clients are less impacted by the economy because they are more focused on delivering top-notch customer service. What do they have in common? They are all conducting ongoing customer service evaluation programs.

The same point was driven home during a client panel discussion at a recent industry conference. In fact, when presented with the idea of cutting back on their mystery shopping program, there was unanimous agreement among the panelists that if anything they would increase the measurements rather than reduce them.

This point is further reinforced by Tom Peters in his book In Search of Excellence where he writes "What gets measured, gets done." This likely demonstrates the impact of the Hawthorne effect where people work differently (better) when they know they are being monitored. With an ongoing customer service evaluation program, sales associates and employees know that any customer (coming through the door, on the phone, or over the Internet) could be a mystery shopper, so their performance level remains elevated.

After all, a highly satisfied customer is much more likely to buy again than one who is merely satisfied (Harvard Business Review "Why Satisfied Customers Defect").

So what does this mean for you? It means if you aren't already using a customer service evaluation program to measure customer service you need to get started. If you're already doing some evaluations consider increasing the number and frequency of shops. And don't forget the importance of recognizing and rewarding employees/associates for a job well done. Proper communication is key to your program's success. Our exclusive ShopMAX® process and tools are designed to increase value and get Results!2®

Want to get started? Contact us today to learn about our customer service evaluation programs.

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